The Roads To Asmara

The Roads to Asmara (1984-1991)

Alemseged Tesfai

The Roads to Asmara (1984-1991) is the continuation of the two books: The Journey from Nakfa to Nakfa (1976-1979) and The Tenacity and Resilience of Eritrea (1979-1984). The first book is about liberating Eritrea close to 90% and the Strategic Withdrawal to the most remote and very strategic mountains of Eritrea due to the Soviet Union’s intervention in the politics of the Horn of Africa. The second book is about the struggle for survival of the Eritrean Liberation Fronts in these remote and strategic mountains; but above all how the Fronts reversed or tipped the balance of power in their favor. The third, The Roads to Asmara, is about moving forward from the most remote and strategic mountains, liberating rural and urban areas, to the heart of Eritrea: Asmara. As in the previous two books, this book also attempts to reflect the political, economic, social, cultural situations and the lifestyle of combatants of this particular period. By and large, it tries to illuminate, even though with limited capacity, how the EPLF liberated the entire Eritrea and entered Asmara.

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